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Run a Marathon

RUN to finish what you started.

You've just taken the first step in your 26.2-mile journey: You actually submitted the entry form. You’ve always wanted to run a marathon, and now it's time to start training for one. It’s a leap of faith best performed in a series of single steps, and we’ll help you get there.

Whether your goal is to finish fast or to flash a smile at the finish, NYRR can guide you. We’ve got classes, groups, coaches, and training programs that can teach you how to safely build mileage, eat to succeed, and deal with the inevitable bumps in the road to the big 26.2. We can help you choose high-performance gear and show you maps of local running routes. You’re about to begin the most rewarding journey of your life. NYRR is here to help you finish what you've started.



Sign up today for the official TCS New York City Marathon Training Program. Prepare to run the five boroughs with expert insights and training plans customized just for you.



Getting proper nutrition during a long workout or race can help you extend your endurance, as well as maintain body temperature, electrolyte balance, pace, and RPE (rate of perceived exertion). Best of all, on-the-go fuel can help keep you...

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Coaching Directory

NYRR’s coaching staff have made the Olympic Trials, set national masters records, coached teams to high school and college championships, and designed coaching programs that have helped thousands of New York City Marathon entrants and other runner...

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2016 TCS New York City Marathon

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