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Lead the Pack

RUN because the race is only with yourself.

You run because it defines you. You train hard, crave challenges, and constantly strive to beat personal best. Whether you’re racing teammates, arch-rivals, or the doubts inside your head, die-hard athletes like you don’t need a reason to compete. You just need the opportunity. And NYRR gives you plenty.

We feed your need with more than 50 road races each year, from the Fifth Avenue Mile to the TCS New York City Marathon. We’ll also help you meet and compete with athletes just like you through our classes, group workouts, and other events. We even offer personalized training programs to build your strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. Running isn't just your hobby—it's your life. NYRR is proud to be your running partner.



Recovery means more than just catching your breath. After a hard workout or a race, your body needs time—and fuel—to repair itself. Once you cross the finish line, you'll need to replace not only fluids, but also carbohydrates, sodium, and...


“If I was to pick one thing that keeps you injury-free, it’s the concept of rest—getting enough sleep and relaxation and recovery between workouts,” says Norbert Sander, MD. As the founding director of New York’s Preventive and Sports Medicine...

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Coaching Directory

NYRR’s coaching staff have written national bestsellers about running, made the Olympic Trials a total of six times, set national masters records, coached teams to high school and college championships, and designed coaching programs that have hel...


Deep Water Running is a non-impact form of running done in place in the water wearing a flotation belt. Move your arms and legs as though you're running on land; the water adds another layer of challenge to the workout.

This seven-week...

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