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Forever Young

RUN to log miles—and to erase them.
You defy age and expectations. You surprise yourself and inspire others. Active seniors like you want to stay in the race, and by adding some new habits to your old tricks, you absolutely can. Whether you’re maintaining an athletic lifestyle, returning to running after years off, or embarking on a new fitness adventure, NYRR can help you run—and even go for the gold—well into your golden years.
Follow our guidelines to safely stay fit:

Try to balance your enthusiasm with wisdom, adapting to the natural changes of aging.
  • Pay attention to your body’s (and your doctor’s) warning signals and don’t overdo it
  • Remember that running is just one part of your overall health picture. Nutrition and cross-training are important, too.

The Road Ahead

As you advance into new age groups at NYRR races, you’ll have a chance to make a fresh start—competing in new fields and setting new personal records. You’ll also get to enjoy the community from a privileged perspective: An active senior is a wise elder. As you begin (or maintain) your well-rounded fitness regimen, check out NYRR’s cross-training, strength, flexibility, and nutrition resources. We’ll help you get the most mileage out of yourself.



Eat to Win
Runners often ask how much protein, carbohydrate, and fat they should eat each day. Because every runner is different, there isn't a simple answer. It all depends on your training volume, goals for losing or maintaining...


“If I was to pick one thing that keeps you injury-free, it’s the concept of rest—getting enough sleep and relaxation and recovery between workouts,” says Norbert Sander, MD. As the founding director of New York’s Preventive and Sports Medicine...

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Coaching Directory

NYRR’s coaching staff have made the Olympic Trials, set national masters records, coached teams to high school and college championships, and designed coaching programs that have helped thousands of New York City Marathon entrants and other runner...


NYRR Deep Water Running is a non-impact form of running done in place in the water wearing a flotation belt. Move your arms and legs as though you're running on land; the water adds another layer of challenge to the workout.

This seven-...

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