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What are the benefits of joining Team for Kids?

In addition to the personal satisfaction that comes from helping kids get a running start in life, Team for Kids members receive expert guidance, support, and many other benefits, ensuring they cross the finish line with a smile. For information on specific perks, please visit the pages for specific events. Check out the exciting roster of Team for Kids events.

Can I join Team for Kids if I already have been accepted into the TCS New York City Marathon, NYC Half-Marathon or other Team for Kids events?

Yes, we welcome runners who already have entry into these events.  If you have entry prior to joining Team for Kids, you are entitled to a reduced pledge commitment. Please contact us at teamforkids@nyrr.org for more details, or join today!

Where do I mail checks given to me by donors?

Please make sure all checks are made out to Team for Kids. The Team member’s name and event name should be noted in the memo line. Then, please mail to:

New York Road Runners
Attn: Team for Kids
156 W 56th Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019

Can I get a discount if I register with a group?

Team for Kids is offering a reduced pledge commitment of $1,200 each for the New York City Half-Marathon for groups of five or more runners who register at the same time. For the TCS New York City Marathon, groups of ten or more who register together will be eligible for a reduced fundraising commitment of $2,500 each.

To be eligible, all team members must register for the event within two weeks of each other. Once everyone has registered, please email TFKfinance@nyrr.org with the name of your team and the names of all team members. Please note that each team member is responsible for reaching the individual fundraising commitment. There are no shared fundraising commitments.

I am a first-time marathoner. Will I be able to run the marathon?

Yes, runners of all abilities are welcome to join Team for Kids. Our training is geared toward individuals’ fitness levels and finish-line goals. Many first time and veteran runners successfully complete the marathon and half-marathon with us each year.

Will Team for Kids provide an on-line training schedule that I can follow?

Yes! When you register with Team for Kids for the NYC Half-Marathon or the TCS New York City Marathon, you will be invited to join the Team for Kids on-line training and communications site.  Once on the site, members can access the workout calendar, contact Team for Kids coaches, staff, and team members, and receive training tips and updates on events taking place throughout the year.  Team for Kids runners of the NYC Half and TCS New York City Marathon also will receive weekly emails with our training plans.

Members of our Aquaphor New York City Triathlon team will have access to an exclusive Team for Kids training schedule and coaches to address their questions.  Team for Kids also provides training support for our other events. Email us at teamforkids@nyrr.org for more details.

I live in the NYC metro area and I would like to participate in group runs. Are these available?

Team for Kids holds group runs for both the TCS New York City Marathon and NYC Half-Marathon teams. Details and schedules will be provided for each group on the Team for Kids website and in the form of weekly emails to members.

Do you have group training runs in other cities?

While Team for Kids does not have official coached workouts in other cities, there are team members in cities throughout the world who often organize their own runs based on  the Team for Kids training plans. Runners can use the Team for Kids Connect website to find running partners in other cities.

Will my credit card be charged if I have not raised the full amount?

Each Team for Kids event has a fundraising deadline. When this date is reached, if there is any outstanding pledge amount, the credit card on file will be charged the balance due. If there is a problem charging the card or retrieving the balance in another form, the Team for Kids member will not be permitted to participate in the event.

What happens if I get injured and cannot run? Is there a cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate circumstance that runners are injured, or otherwise unable to participate in Team for Kids events, members can cancel their race entry and defer to the following year for the TCS New York City Marathon and the Aquaphor New York City Triathlon only.  Members will still be responsible for fulfilling the fundraising pledge commitment for the year in which they were originally supposed to participate. To have your spot deferred to the following year, contact TFKfinance@nyrr.org. Please note that it is not possible to defer your entry in the Empire State Building Run-Up or the NYC Half.  Deferrals are only valid for one consecutive year.

I forgot my username/password for the TFK website.

If you have forgotten your password for the Team for Kids website, click on the link to have your password sent to you. If you have forgotten your username, contact the Team for Kids staff at teamforkids@nyrr.org.

Does Team for Kids provide a training and/or racing shirt?

TFK members receive an electronic welcome kit that includes fundraising donation cards, sample fundraising letters, and a training schedule. Your Team for Kids signature green singlet will be mailed when you reach the halfway point in your fundraising. Technical training shirts and other Team for Kids merchandise are available for purchase through the Team for Kids website.

Does Team for Kids provide travel and lodging?

Team for Kids does not provide travel and lodging, but members can take advantage of travel and lodging deals through the official travel partner of NYRR, Anthony Travel.

I am traveling to the race events. When should I plan to arrive?

It is suggested that members arrive in the event city at least two days in advance. It is also suggested that runners do not fly back to their destinations the day of the race but instead stay an extra day before flying.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

We welcome volunteers to get involved with our programs and events throughout the year. Find out about all of the available volunteer opportunities.

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