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What women talk about on the run

August 09, 2013 by Gail Kislevitz

One of the things I love most about running with my girlfriends is the conversations we have. When running for two plus hours, we need to have stimulating conversations! No topic is sacred. Husbands, children, significant others, sex, religion, politics, and rock and roll. (The 60s and early 70s had the best music ever!)

I have no idea what guys talk about on their long runs but I would wager a bet it doesn’t come close to girl talk. I know this because last week at the TFK workout, I was running with a group of guys and girls when one woman asked me about jog bras. Not too risqué, right? And then another asked about running with her period and all of a sudden, the guys dropped us like hot potatoes, either lagging back or sprinting ahead. Really?  Don’t they have wives or girlfriends? It’s not as if we were discussing the book Fifty Shades of Grey or anything like that.

These are common every day topics for women.  It gets us through the long runs and guess what? Sometimes we need to tack on a few more miles to finish the discussion! So what do guys talk about?

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