Procrastination, thy Name is Runner

August 08, 2013 by gail Kislevitz

Back in the day when I trained for marathons on my own (such a bad idea!) it would take me forever to get out the door. Why? Because I procrastinated. Why? Because no one was waiting for me. The thought of running 15-20 miles alone is not fun so I made up excuses for not getting out the door.  Silly things like deciding to put in a load of wash while I am heading out the door. Wait, the mail arrived so I must see what important mail needed to be opened immediately. On no, the phone rang! Must be someone really important who needs to speak with me immediately and can’t wait till it goes to voice mail.  I think I need more water to make sure I am adequately hydrated. Oops, I better pee now for the umpteenth time.  Any excuse not to start my long run was taken seriously.

Back then, if I had a team of my peeps waiting for me, I’d be dressed and out of the house in no time. If I knew that a few dozen of my TFK buddies were waiting in Central Park to start the long run, I’d be there.  That’s the big difference in training alone and training with a group. With a group, there is guaranteed company and conversation, which is invaluable on a long run. I’ve learned fascinating things about our TFK members that inspire me.

People like Amanda North who is a surgeon and mother of three who is running the marathon. Gosh, how does she find the time? There’s Hannah who just started running and I have to reel her in from time to time to make sure she doesn’t get injured in her passion for training for her first marathon. There’s Josefine, who just had a baby. The list goes on! I feel so honored to run with these folks and get to know their stories of what brought them to the marathon. 

If I were still that solo runner from a few year back, I’d still be trying to get out the door! Now I bolt out the door to meet my TFK maratahon mates, make new friends, encourage my teammates, and have fascinating conversations…which brings me to the next topic: What do you talk about on a long run?

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