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Chicago Bound

October 07, 2013 by Coach Gail Kislevitz

Six days from now I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon. I’m getting so excited, nervous, and anxious that you’d think this was my first marathon! I feel over-trained, no, under-trained; I’m’ eating too much, no, not enough; I should get more sleep, but I can’t.  And to make it more interesting, as a destination marathon I need to pack and I pack everything. What if it gets cold? What if it gets hot (which Chicago is known to do)? What if it rains? To make sure I have what I need for any type of weather, I’ll pack my entire running wardrobe. 

I just found out that my lucky marathon shorts that I’ve worn in my last three marathons are too baggy. They literally sagged below my hips on my last training run.  In a panic, I went to every running store in the tri-state area to replace them but alas, that model is off the shelves till next summer. I had to order them online and they just arrived so now I have to wear them 24-7 every day this week to break them in.

The excitement of running a marathon never diminishes no matter how many you run. In one sense, we are all first-timers as every race brings with it a new day.  Every marathon takes us to through the highs and lows, the glories and heartbreaks of this awesome feat.  And marathoners form a special bond, a deep-rooted community that only we understand. We are believers in the spirit of the human body to carry us through 26.2 miles. That’s why we keep coming back for more.

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