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Banana Man

August 20, 2013 by TFK Guest blogger Andrew Horn

Greetings from Banana Man... I’m the guy running around Cincinnati, Ohio in a banana suit for Team for Kids.  While it's just one part of my fundraising efforts, it's definitely the most fun! When I signed up to run the 2013 ING New York City Marathon with TFK, my first step was to create a blog that told my story of just how goofy I can be. Creating and managing has been an awesome experience! I've partnered my blog with a Face book page others can instantly "Like," post on, and share with their colleagues/friends.

Each one of us knows just how difficult fundraising can be. I wanted my donors to feel they get something out of helping me so I came up with the idea of tempting potential donors with homemade coupons. Some are productive and some are just downright funny, but they all help me earn my progress towards my goal.

The banana suit idea originated as one of my funnier coupon offerings (to train in a banana suit), but quickly morphed into a way to promote I created some business cards, and hand them out to anyone interested along my run. People laugh, honk, scream, wave, high-five, and more often than not ask, "Why?" This gives me an opportunity to tell them about TFK, a little of my own story, and to visit my blog. It's all well received... who wouldn't laugh and be curious about a banana huffing and puffing down the road?

My blog, social media strategy, and banana man avatar might not be for everyone, but they show one way to upgrade from conventional emails and letters. For me, it makes the fundraising fun and interactive for a great cause in Team for Kids!


Categories: Human Interest

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