AlertThe drawing for the United Airlines NYC Half is now open! Runners with guaranteed entry must claim their entry before Dec 3, 2014.


TCS New York City Marathon Official Charity Partner Program

New York Road Runners is pleased to offer blocks of guaranteed entries to qualified nonprofits through the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon Official Charity Partner Program. Please see below for details, and email with any questions.


This application will be open from Wednesday, September 3, 2014, through Friday, November 7, 2014. All charities will be informed of their acceptance status in early December 2014. Upon acceptance, charities will be required to sign a contract and pay for their entries before they may start to recruit runners. Each selected charity will be expected to pay its invoice and submit a signed contract no later than March 1, 2015.


Charity Partners for the TCS New York City Marathon will be classified as a Silver, Bronze, or Community Level partner.
*New charities will only be offered Community-level partnership.


Each guaranteed entry carries a cost to be paid up-front by the charity. Pricing for the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon charity entries will be as follows:

  • Community Level Entries: $450 per entry
  • Bronze Level Entries: $450 for the first five entries, then $575 per additional entry
  • Silver Level Entries: $450 for the first five entries, then $995 per additional entry

The charity fee does not cover the runner’s race registration fee, which will be due when the runner registers for the race. Charities may choose to pay the registration fees for their runners; if they do, they must designate that choice on the contract.

The race registration fees that will be charged for each runner are:

  • $216 for NYRR members
  • $255 for non-members
  • $347 for international runners

An $11 processing fee will be added to all race registration fees.


Selected charities will offer guaranteed entry to runners who agree to fundraise a specified minimum for the charity. Each charity can set its own fundraising requirement as long as it is at least $2,500 for a Community Level Charity or $3,000 for a Bronze or Silver Level Charity.


Each new charity selected for the program will be allotted five entries. Returning charities will be given entries based on partnership history. We encourage you to be conservative in the number of entries you request, as there will be no refunds for entries that you do not use.


The application is now open! Please note that completing this application neither guarantees your organization’s participation in the Official Charity Partner Program nor constitutes confirmation that your organization will receive the number of entries that you request.

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