AlertThe start time for Saturday's NYC Walk to Salute the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act is 8:30 a.m. See the event page for details.

NYRR Board of Directors

It is through the dedication of a few that we are able to touch so many. A special thanks to our board members for their commitment, passion, and vision. Together, we are making a visible difference in the health and well- being of our community.

  • George Hirsch, Chairman
  • Michael Frankfurt, Secretary
  • Grant Behrman
  • Richard Byrne
  • Raul Damas
  • Doug Feltman
  • Norman Goluskin
  • Michael Gross
  • Juanne Renee Harris
  • Tom Labrecque, Jr.
  • John Legere
  • Claudia Malley
  • Adam Manus
  • Bryant McBride
  • James Milne
  • Martin Oppenheimer
  • Steve Pamon
  • Lucia Rodriguez
  • Steve Roth
  • Anne Beane Rudman
  • Dr. Norbert Sander
  • Eric A. Seiff
  • Allan Steinfeld
  • Toby Tanser
  • Mary Wittenberg


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